Sapele Mahogany

Wood 1

Tigermouse Design 1

Rosewood Table

Handmade, solid rosewood top, 1200mm x 600mm x 450mm with 15mm galvanized tubing.

Tigermouse Design Shelf


Pine shelf, made to size

Tigermouse Design Signage

Tone Def Media Office Signage

Office installation, 1300mm x 1300mm, pine shutterply.

Tigermouse Design Oliver


1000mm x 320mm, pine shutterply.


Wood 2

Tigermouse Design RST Table

Rock Star Threads Table

1000mm x 1000mm x 400mm, solid cypress top with steel hairpin legs.

Tigermouse Design Africa

Heart Of Africa

500mm x 500mm, pine shutterply.

Tigermouse Design Egg

Egg Films Office Signage

1600mm x 1100mm, pine shutterply.

Tigermouse Design Bible


460mm x 460mm, solid purple leaved albizia with laser engraving.

Tigermouse Design Bench


1000mm x 250mm x 450mm, pine shutterply with threaded rod support.


Wood 3

Tigermouse Design Imke

Name: Imke

800mm x 300mm, pine.

Tigermouse Design Heart

Heart Star

250mm x 250mm, pine shutterply.

Tigermouse Design-Table1

Cypress Side Table

400mm x 320mm x 400mm, laminated cypress strips.

Tigermouse-Anchor 1


450mm x 300mm, pine shutterply with laser engraving.


Wood 4

Tigermouse Design Valhalla

Valhalla Tees Signage

460mm x 460mm, purple leaved albizia with laser engraving.

Tigermouse Design Hello


800mm x 200mm, pine shutterply with antique white finish.

Tigermouse Design Mushroom Media

Mushroom Media Office Signage

1500mm x 900mm, purple leaved albizia.

Tigermouse Design The Call

The Call Church Conference Signage

1200mm x 1200mm, pine shutterply with laser cut letters.

Tigermouse Design-BCM

BCM Office Signage

Pine shutterply with blue Dulux finish.

Tigermouse Design RCN

RCN Letters

220mm x 220mm, pine shutterply double layer.

Tigermouse Design BAM BAM

BAM BAM Office Signage

580mm x 500mm, pine shutterply.